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Because social science majors forge their own career paths. 

Because you’ve got what New York needs.

Because our democracy needs your voice for a stronger future.


The Colin Powell Career Fellows Paid Internships Program

Defining the college experience is the opportunity to attend interesting and rewarding courses, participate in invigorating extracurricular activities, and expand your network, but you don’t have to stop there. Beyond the college campus is a plethora of professional development opportunities that will propel your career into new heights, so seize the moment! Colin Powell School students are eligible for a bank of 300 Paid Internship Hours (@$18/hour = $5,400), which can be completed at any time for up to a year after you graduate. Access your bank by creating a resume with one of our Coaches, and learn by doing while getting paid!



  • Must not have participated in a Colin Powell School  or S Jay Levy  fellowship
    • The Career Fellows program is designed with the intention to give students who have never had an internship before, or an equivalent professional experience, the opportunity to gain experiences which will enable them to pursue even more rigorous and rewarding opportunities
  • No previous experience required
  • No age, transfer student, or status restrictions (DACA and international students are welcome!)


  • Earn a reference for future internship, fellowship, and job opportunities

Prospective Applicants

Applying for an internship is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Step One


  • Step Two


  • Step Three


Weekly info sessions available to you via the drop-in LEARN! sessions on the events calendar below. No reservation needed!

Program Guidelines:

  • The internship schedule is set by the student and the site and can start and end at any time; it is not tied to the school calendar. You can do any number of internships using the 300-hour bank (for example, you can do one 300-hour internship, two 150-hour internships, etc). Internships are paid via a stipend of $18/hour in two lump sums, at midpoint and at the end.  Any student in an internship is warmly invited to optional, online, drop-in Internships Insiders meetings every first and third Tuesday of the month to meet other students, share stories, and ask questions. Students must complete a midpoint and endpoint survey.
  • The goal is that these internship experiences help you gain clarity on your career interests and choices, and confidence to apply to more internships, fellowships, and other experiential learning opportunities so that you are “career-ready” at graduation or, if you are a recent alum, will help build the bridge from college to career.
  • We believe that Colin Powell School students, who hold the unique combination of deeply lived urban experience and academic training are a vital element to building a strong democracy. Prepare yourself to build the world you want to live in!

Build a resume that lets you shine, write a cover letter or statement of interest that shares your strengths, and complete mock interviews to feel confident. Attend any of the drop-in Step 2 Prepare! sessions listed on the events calendar below - no reservation needed! 

For 1:1 help, set up a time to meet with one of our Coaches by clicking on the calendars under their names.

Resume Resources

Review internship options in the public service database, select up to three you are interested in, and complete a brief Internship Interest form. 

Career Hub Staff will review your application to make sure it highlights you in the best way possible. If anything needs a little strengthening, you will receive a referral to a Coach to work on your materials. If your materials are ready, you will be connected directly to the site contact by email.

Also, if you have received an offer letter for an unpaid internship, it may qualify for the stipend. Under these circumstances, you will be considered a Got it? Get it! Applicant. Please fill out the Paid Internships Program Stipend Request Form and click the box asking if you have Got it? Get it! Applicant.

Finding internships: you should also speak with your professor and department chair to learn about options available to you in your major, and review the internships in the Career & Professional Development Institute database.

Public Service Career Hub Events Calendar

Attend any of the drop-in Step 1: Learn! Program Overview or Step 2 Prepare! Resume, Interview preparation sessions listed on the events calendar below - no reservation needed! For 1:1 help, set up a time to meet with one of our Coaches by clicking on the calendars under their names.

Quick Tips!

  • Goodbye, Imposter Syndrome
  • Social Science Majors Must Explore
  • Be Part of the Solution
  • Get Connected
  • Be "Career Ready" at Graduation

College students have gained so much valuable knowledge and skills, yet don’t have many ways to practice them until they are in the workforce. An internship is a place where you can begin practicing what you are learning in the classroom AND have a learning curve. Internship sites both expect you to have some skills to bring to the table, and to have a lot to learn.

Your site supervisor will know to provide extra guidance and explanation not just about the work, but how the work gets done. All of this will help you overcome imposter syndrome and boost your confidence.

Unlike engineering or medicine, the social science field does not have many obvious career ladders that show students how to enter into or grow in their fields. An internship gives you the opportunity to explore different career options and find out what you like, what you don't, and build the persistence and patience to build your own ladder to your definition of success.

Is your neighborhood, your city, and your country the best version of itself? Learn the landscape of organizations working on our toughest challenges and be part of solution to build a stronger democracy.

An internship can give you the chance to meet people who share similar experiences and interests. It can take time to build professional connections, especially for first-generation college students. Doing well in an internship internship is one of the best first steps to build a network in your field of study: site supervisors and other members of the executive team can be a reference when you apply to to future opportunities.

Having internship experience boosts your resume, grants you more job offers, higher starting salaries, and a shorter search process. Who wouldn’t want that?

Most employers in career-pathway jobs expect you to have some experience in an office setting by the time you graduate, so they don’t have to train you from scratch.

College classes, volunteer and non-career jobs like working in retail or the service industry can get you started on the skills and knowledge for a career job, but internships will immerse you in the world of career-pathway work. You will learn the dos and don’ts of office environments as well as gain an understanding of organizational structure and culture.

# of CPS Students who have completed internships since March 2022

Internships Program Associate

Ivy Allotey (she/her)

In an internship and looking for support? Got an offer for an unpaid internship or one that is paid less than $18/hour? Meet with me!

Career Coaches

Ikenna Ugwu (he/him)

Exploring your options? Looking for help to update your resume, write a cover letter, or prepare for an internship? Meet with me!

Abir Ahmed (he/his - সে / তিনি)

First time building a resume? Preparing for an interview? Meet with me and unlock the mysteries! Languages: Proficient in English and Bengali (Bangla); basic comprehension in Hindi and Urdu

What are students saying?

    Kencess Polidor
    Kencess Polidor

    Spring 2023 Intern

    I am a rising senior at the Colin Powell School majoring in Psychology and minoring in Management and Administration. As a People Operations intern, I was provided an immersive exposure to the dynamic field of Human Resources, which not only broadened my perspective but also cemented my career aspirations in this domain. I had the opportunity to learn about making informed policy decisions, screening resumes, establishing a question bank for hiring managers to access when processing interviews, conducting a salary market research and many more. Participating in this internship has been a transformative experience for me, and I'm deeply grateful to the individuals and foundations whose support made it possible.

      Steven Fernandez
      Steven Fernandez

      Spring 2023 Intern

      The Colin Powell internship stipend is a truly unique resource that completely changed the course of my life. My internship strengthened my communication and program management skills, and gave me the confidence to apply for the Bloom Energy Fellowship. I was accepted!

        Shraddha Parmar
        Shraddha Parmar

        Spring 2023

        I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this internship, as it allowed me to engage in something I am truly passionate about. More importantly, I embarked on this journey because of my genuine desire to be a part of it. As something my grandfather always said 'do something if you 'want" to do it and not because if you "have" to do it . My time at Tadaca has been nothing short of exceptional, both professionally and personally enriching. This internship has been an amazing experience that offers the ideal balance of passion, mentoring, creativity, and a supportive team environment. This experience has been genuinely transformational and satisfying; it will influence my future pursuits.

        Internships to Look Out For

          PPN Internship
          PPN Internship

          Public Preparatory Charter School Academies

          Public Prep is looking for interns who are interested in learning about non-profit business management and the inner workings of charter school management. The intern would have exposure to project-based learning and responsibilities across various departments of Public Prep’s Home Office, these departments include but are not limited to talent/human resources, student recruitment, operations, finance, academics, and technology. Projects will be assigned on an ongoing basis and, ideally, aligned to intern interests. Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

            NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs
            NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

            Community Associate

            MOIA’s Community Services unit serves as a central point of coordination and information-sharing between New Yorkers, community-based organizations, and City agencies. The Community Services team responds to constituent inquiries and requests for advocacy and support from immigrant New Yorkers, and ensures that MOIA identifies, addresses, and tracks the needs of immigrant communities. Immigrant New Yorkers may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues they face or the perceived unresponsiveness of local government. The work of the Community Services team can help make City government more accessible and responsive. Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

              Creative Connections
              Creative Connections

              SEL Intervention Program Support Intern

              The SEL Program position has two of four goals: 1) Provide consistent staff training and capacity-building for trauma-informed, restorative, and healing-centered practices. Staff will learn to identify and address trauma-based reactions in students. 2) Ensuring student access to mental health supports. Program staff will partner closely with school social workers and guidance counselors to help them identify students in need of services and assist in making community-based mental health referrals. To learn about the remaining two goals and more about the position, please visit the public service database!

                NYC Public Schools
                NYC Public Schools

                Survey Support Specialist

                Each year, the NYCDOE will administer the annual NYC School Survey and a student perception survey. These surveys open up important opportunities for reflection and dialogue among school communities, school leaders, and Central offices. Survey results help inform our understanding of each school and program’s greatest strengths and opportunities for continuous improvement, and are used as key metrics in School Quality Reports. The Survey Initiatives team is seeking a team member who will help us keep students, families, and teachers at the center of our work, and shares in our commitment to the following: 1. Strong school support: Prepare schools for successful survey implementation through communications, trainings, and ongoing support. 2. High quality data: Provide schools and families with high quality data by promoting participation and ensuring broad, representative feedback. 3. Continuous improvement: Continuously improve our processes, with a focus on strengthening our partnerships with schools, increasing survey participation across respondent groups, and connecting the survey results to student achievement. Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

                  African American Historical Society of Rockland
                  African American Historical Society of Rockland

                  African American Historical Society of Rockland Intern

                  In keeping with the mission of the African American Historical Society of Rockland County interns are encouraged to identify an area of individual research or work on the current initiatives underway at the AAHS. This is done in close consultation with, the president of the AAHS and a member of the board. The individual research project is not limited to the material (artifacts, books, photos etc.,) already collected or held by the AAHS. Interns will assist in, and have the opportunity to initiate and develop seminars, forums, workshops, meetings as well as contributing to developing a social media strategy for engagement and developing the digital presence of the AAHS. Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

                    Local Policy Lab
                    Local Policy Lab

                    Democracy Intern

                    LPL is looking for an intern to support the Lab’s democracy program, including research support. The overall work streams for the project include: 1. Supporting on city and LPL logistics: Maintaining contact with city officials, planning and scheduling the cohort meetings, taking and consolidating notes, maintaining newsletter and other mailing lists; 2. Conducting research on democratic innovations at the local level: This will involve targeted research, globally and domestically, to determine research backed innovations aimed to improve electoral and democracy outcomes at the city level. This could include research on election-related reforms, such as facilitating easier registration and voting access; support and protection for election officials; improving information reliability; or increased access to equitable civics education; and more! Learn more about this internship in the pubic service database!

                      Creative Connections
                      Creative Connections

                      School Community Intern

                      The site for this opportunity will be located in P.S. 149 in Harlem. The intern will work directly with the Program Director with conducting a school-wide needs assessment and based on the findings help support advocacy initiatives. The intern will help with the overall development of the needs assessment and support the development of the family needs plan. Interns will also have the unique opportunity to work directly with students and families while receiving professional guidance from the director who has a MSW.

                      Current Intern Corner

                      Did you know?

                      The last Thursday of July is National Intern Day. National Intern Day is a holiday created by WayUp that’s dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the future leaders of the world: interns! Click the exclamation mark to learn more.

                      Program Updates and Reminders

                      Catch the latest updates for the The Colin Powell Career Fellows Paid Internships Program

                      Program Documents

                      On the Horizon

                      Nearing the End of Your Internship? Check out more OSS opportunities:

                      Status: Application is Closed

                      Fall 2023 Deadline (Passed): Monday September 4, 2023

                      Are you working and taking classes at the same time? Apply for the Working Student’s Fellowship. Benefits include:

                      • Learn to apply your current skills/classes to the jobs you want
                      • Receive a Certificate of Professionalization with 100% attendance
                      • Prepare for the transition from your current job to a career
                      • And more…

                      Program Contact: Ikenna Ugwu (

                      Status: Applications are on a Rolling Basis

                      This program is a peer mentoring initiative meant to support you as you start your college career at CCNY. New students are paired with an experienced upperclassman who serves as a mentor and role model to help motivate them, focus on academics, and support them in achieving their goals.

                      Get a Mentor!

                      Status: Applications are Closed

                      The Colin Powell Fellowship in Leadership and Public Service is a two-year program for undergraduate students who want to pursue careers in government, nonprofit organizations, and other forms of public service. It is particularly for students who immigrated to the US or whose parents immigrated to the US, as well as those who demonstrate interest in exploring social issues that impact African American and other underserved communities.

                      Learn More

                      Note: Opportunities under the Job Database are separate from the Career Fellows program.

                      Join the Alumni Network!

                      Join the Colin Powell School alumni network. It’s free to sign up and connect with the community. Click the cap to learn more.

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                      If you have an unpaid internship or experiential learning volunteer activity, we may be able to cover a stipend of up to 300 hours (micro-internships also welcome!). Rolling admissions.
                      Internships are accepted via the Internship Announcement Form below.

                      Supervisor Documents


                      The Colin Powell Career Fellows paid internships program was selected for the 2023 Exemplary Models Award by the American Association of University Administrators, a non-profit professional organization for higher education leaders and administrative personnel. This award recognizes outstanding examples of leadership that demonstrate creative solutions to common problems in higher education.

                      Maya Gutierrez (she/her)

                      New to managing interns? Let's meet and build a mutually beneficial partnership!