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Santander Finance Fellowship

The Santander Fellowship is a highly-selective program for students who are seeking hands-on experience in the finance industry. This program provides selected students the opportunity to learn advanced financial analysis and strategic problem-solving skills, be mentored by experienced finance professionals, and connect with potential employers before graduating. Top-performing students who have completed Part I of the Financial Analysis and Decision Making Bootcamp will be invited to apply for the Fall 2022 fellowship cohort.

Program Contact

Adjunct Professors for ECO 21650 & 21750

Marianne Wolk & Rich Horwitz

Program Contact

Finance Associate & Corporate Partnerships Manager

Ashif Hassan


Fellows will receive a $5,000 stipend for the academic year, in addition to mentorship and professional development training. 


Students who have completed ECO 21650 will be invited to apply for the Fall 2022 fellowship. 

GPA Requirement: Overall 3.2 and above

Students must take ECO 21650 (part 1)  or the accelerated course, ECO 21750, to be eligible for the Santander Fellowship. 

Academic Year: Fellows must be in their junior year (at least 60 credits) by the start of the Fall 2022 semester. Current sophomores are eligible to apply.

*Exception: Applicants for the Fall 2022 rollout/pilot may be rising seniors in the Fall 2022 semester. After Fall 2022, the Fellows must be Juniors.


Financial Analysis and Decision Making, Parts I and II, is a three-credit gateway course developed by former Wall Street executives that provides students with the analytical, problem-solving, and advanced Excel skills which are needed to secure entry-level roles in large financial firms. This course includes financial and data analysis, modeling, forecasting, valuation and risk. Register today on CUNYFirst. Rising sophomores and juniors are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students who successfully complete Part I will be eligible for the Fall 2022 Santander Fellowship.

There are two options to register for this Spring:

ECO 21650

8-9 modules (3 credits)

For excel beginners with entry-level accounting skills.

Part I; register for Part II in Fall 2022

ECO 21750

12-13 modules (3 credits)

For entry-level excel users with moderate accounting skills.

Parts I and II combined

Click here to read our press release about Santander’s Finance Boot Camp and Fellowship Program Initiative.

2022-2023 Finance Fellows

Kyara Valdez

Kyara Valdez is a lower Senior majoring in Economics with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Management and Administration. Kyara’s interest in economics began during high school after she took an economics course for the first time. Learning how economics affects our everyday lives inspired her interest in the field, specifically the finance aspect of economics. Although her career choice is not definite yet, she sees a possibility in data analysis, as she has always had a love for mathematics and general management. When Kyara is not at school or work, she is most likely focused on the small business she started in January of 2021, an at-home bakery called “Sweets By Kyara.” She made sure to use what she learned in her various economics courses to create a profitable business. Kyara hopes to continue learning and growing during her time at City College. With the help of the Santander Fellowship, she aspires for a successful career in economics.

Kayla Cephus

Kayla Cephus is a junior studying financial economics. She is both African American and Cuban and the first in her family to go to college. She originally entered CCNY to become an engineer, but quickly realized that wasn’t her passion. Eventually, she took her first economics class and has been happy ever since. It might have been a rough start, but every day she is proving that if you work hard and put in effort you can accomplish anything. When not working, she enjoys are watching tv, watching baseball and basketball, and hanging out with her friends. She aims to utilize the knowledge she learns from both school and outside experience to become a financial analyst or a financial advisor.

Fiorella Quispe

Fiorella Quispe is a first-generation college student. She was born and raised in Peru. She is currently a junior at CCNY working towards a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management and a minor in Economics. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2023. She has a passion for administration and numbers. In her free time, she enjoys painting and photography. She is eager to learn and grow as an individual.

Malcolm Jeter

Malcolm Jeter is a senior majoring in Business with a minor in Economics. His passion for finance and economics resulted in him becoming a Peer Review Board Member for the Federal Reserve. Prior to his experience at the Fed, Malcolm’s background in trading securities gave him his first taste of finance. Learning about markets allowed him to gain real-world experience in many different areas. Having learned from senior investment bankers, he now works in financial analysis. Malcolm is thankful for the Santander Fellowship, as it’s another incredible opportunity to gain more experience in the finance industry. He uses his comprehensive background in finance to help others become more financially literate.

Shadman Mostafa

Shadman Mostafa is a senior majoring in Economics and Psychology. His family emigrated from South Asia, Bangladesh. He came to CCNY and CPS with the hopes of earning his bachelor’s degree. He wants to become a Financial Analyst upon graduating from CCNY and wants to eventually start a financial advising business. He is currently serving in the United States Army Reserve as an IT Specialist. His hobbies include practicing martial arts, reading short novels, listening to music, playing the guitar, and playing soccer.

Esther Rodriguez

Esther Rodriguez is a senior studying economics with a concentration in finance. She was born and raised in the Bronx, and is a daughter to immigrant parents and a first-generation college student. She applied to CCNY with the intention of finding which subject inspires her the most. Her freshman year, she took a microeconomics course and absorbed everything she learned and appreciated everything from the professor’s teaching methods to what she was learning as she was able to apply those techniques to the world’s economy at the time. She is interested in a career in Finance with particular interests in international finance/trade, hedge funds, and venture capital. In her free time, she engages in playing badminton, softball, reading a variety of YA books that relate to her identity, and exploring parts of NYC that allow her to be exposed to different cultures, foods, and way of life.

Aravdeep Kaur

Aravdeep Kaur is a junior majoring in Economics and is working towards minoring in Mathematics. She was born and raised in Queens and is the daughter of Punjabi immigrants. Her goal is to become a data scientist, specifically within the finance industry. During her sophomore year of college, Aravdeep began working at the Colin Powell School as a Finance Student Assistant and continued learning programming languages like Python and SQL. Aravdeep also hopes to promote data science at CCNY in order to encourage more female students and students of color to pursue careers like data analytics, data science, and data engineering in various industries. Additionally, she enjoys being involved on campus as a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Senator.

Annie Le

Annie Le is a senior majoring in Business Administration and Management with a 3.5 GPA. She comes from a family of immigrants, and in the spring of 2023, she will become the first in her family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Annie came to CCNY for its business and leadership opportunities. She is interested in business principles as well as strengthening her leadership skills. With her degree in Business Administration and Management, she hopes to further her career in finance and marketing. Annie has always been interested in the processes of branding and gaining potential customers for a company, but she recently became interested in the financial aspects and the overall financial performances of a business too. Through this fellowship, she hopes to gain more financial experience and connections to further her career. Annie is a very creative and logical individual, both of which strengths allow her to thrive in Business Administration and Management.

Geralis Garcia

Geralis Garcia is a senior majoring in Business Administration and Management. She is Dominican American and was born and raised in New York. Her interest in CCNY stemmed from the desire to pursue a professional career while staying in the city she grew up in. Through the Santander Fellowship, she hopes to expand on her knowledge in finance and gain more experience in the finance industry. While having an interest in accounting, she is also open to other fields of business and finance. Apart from her studies and career, she has a love for animals and hopes to create a business in the future that caters to their well-being.

Kelvin Roman

Kelvin Roman is a Senior majoring in Business administration and management and minoring in Spanish. His comes from a Dominican background, and he will be the second in his family to earn a college degree when he graduates in spring 2023. He came to CCNY looking to grow as a person and a leader, as in high school he was captain of the volleyball and basketball team. He was attracted to the Colin Powell School in order to learn how a business works in hopes of one day owning a business. Through being a leader, he recognizes hard work and yearns to influence and positively impact others by setting a precedent within his future workplace.

Devindra Jewth

Devindra Jewth is a senior majoring in Economics with a concentration in finance. He was born in the Bronx to a family of five and was raised with two sisters. Devindra is a first-generation college student, proud Seek Scholar, and member of the JP Morgan Chase Advancing Black Pathways Program. He is looking to pursue a career in finance in order to support his ambition and break down structural barriers. Devindra’s main focus is corporate social responsibility, and he hopes to advance a consistently ethical standard of operation in the financial world. Through the Santander Fellowship he aims to cement these goals into practice. In his free time, Devindra enjoys watching “westerns,” especially those starring Clint Eastwood. He is also a loyal NY Jets fan and never misses Sunday night football.

Edosa Odia

Edosa Odia is a junior who is currently studying Economics. He enjoys hobbies such as cycling and playing video games. Initially, going into college deciding on a major and a career path was challenging for Edosa. However, after being exposed to the courses that were offered at City College, Edosa has decided to pursue a career in finance, and is dedicated to furthering his knowledge of the subject.