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Student Journey

College can be overwhelming and your primary focus is always to do well in your classes. At the same time, many factors can set you up for success just like new challenges can set you back. This roadmap is designed to help provide access to resources and programs that help you get the most out of your experience at the Colin Powell School.

As a member of the Colin Powell School community, you are always welcome to stop by the Dean’s office in NAC 6/141, the Office of the Academic Advisors in NAC 6/293, or the Office of Student Success. We have dedicated student space there for you and are on hand to answer your questions.

Preparing for a Successful Semester

A successful semester starts before the first day of class. Take the following steps to ensure you begin the semester on the right foot.

Planning for the Years Ahead

First Year

You've made it! Now it's time to begin exploring campus, adjusting to classes, and meeting new people.

Second Year

Begin building your network, join clubs on campus and consider applying to our fellowships!

Third Year

Seek out internships and opportunities to enhance your academic and professional career.

Fourth Year

Prepare for job interviews, attend campus job fairs, and launch your career as you get close to graduation.

First Year — Connecting with Others

Work toward doing well in school, but don’t feel defeated or discouraged if things don’t go the way you plan during your first semester — it’s more common than you think!

The first semester is a huge period of adjustment — go easy on yourself. You are doing something totally new for the first time, and no one does that well.

Second Year — Laying Foundations

This is the time to get more involved and start laying the foundations for future success. Attend campus events, meet other students, connect with professors, and begin applying for internships or fellowships to help enrich your resume.

Networking will be key when the time comes to secure internships, learn more about career paths, and begin to get a peek into your professional career.

Third Year — Career and Professional Development

Congratulations — you’re halfway through college! Though graduation might seem far away, it’s a good time to think about what you might want to do after college and set yourself up for that career path.

Continue to meet people, especially in the fields that you want to pursue. Apply for internships to see if you like working on a certain issue or in a specific sector. Get to know people in these fields and build your professional networks.

Fourth Year — Finding the Best Career-Starting Job

Make the most of your final year at CCNY and prepare yourself for success upon graduation. Continue to pursue internships and leadership positions. Attend career fairs on campus and network with professionals. Apply for jobs in January so that you’ll have a career-starting job lined up after graduation.

Once you Graduate — Come Back and Give Back

  • Join the Colin Powell School alumni network. It’s free to sign up and connect with the community.
  • Continue to network with faculty and staff at the college if you’re still looking for work.
  • Give back and come back to campus to meet and mentor other students.

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