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Colin Powell — Bloom Energy Innovation Fellowship

This fellowship aims to provide students with an intensive summer internship experience at Bloom Energy, a leading manufacturer in the fuel cell industry, along with professional development and a unique cohort-based experience — all while staying in California!

Internship business areas include: Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Customer Installations Group, Supply Chain, Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, Environmental Health Safety, Marketing, Policy, Quality and Reliability, Service, and Engineering.


Applicants for the 2023-2024 fellowship must be:

  • Juniors and Seniors ONLY
  • In Good Academic Standing
  • Willing to travel for 10 WEEKS
  • Attending ALL Professional Development Workshops

Note: Visa Sponsorship is not available for Internship Positions.

Application Timeline

Application Deadline: December 4th

Interview Notifications: December 16th

In-Person Interview Week: January 8-12th

Final Selections
March 2024


Fellows will participate in a paid internship experience at Bloom Energy with FREE travel and housing in California.

Professional Development

Accepted fellows are REQUIRED to participate in Professional Development workshops hosted by Bloom Energy.

Bloom Energy’s mission is to make clean, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone in the world. To fulfill this mission, they have developed a distributed, on-site electric power solution that is redefining the electric power market and transforming how power is generated and delivered. Among the most efficient energy generators on the planet; their platform dramatically reduces electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Program Contact

Corporate Partnerships Manager

Ashif Hassan

Program Contact

Christine Garmendiz Headshot

Fellowships and Student Success Program Coordinator

Christine Garmendiz

2022-2023 Colin Powell—Bloom Energy Innovation Fellows

Amreen Nasir

Amreen Nasir (She/Her) is a Junior at The City College of New York studying Business Administration. She is eager to be working with Bloom Energy under the HR department as their University Relations Intern. With a strong passion for renewable energy, Amreen finds it important to work for a company that aligns with her values. As an intern at Bloom Energy, she is excited to contribute to the company’s goal to make clean energy widespread and accessible. She has prior experience working for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which has several sustainability initiatives and transit projects that are the heart of her city. She is proud of her experience in organizational structure and design as a compensation intern and more recently as an engagement intern. In her free time, Amreen enjoys photography, doing yoga daily, and cooking for her loved ones.

Aysha Asif

Aysha (she/her) is a Junior studying Business Administration and Management with a minor in International Studies at The City College of New York. Originally from Queens, New York, she is excited to be joining Bloom Energy in Silicon Valley as their Marketing Intern this summer. Aysha will be supporting the marketing team by leveraging spreadsheets, systems, and processes to complete tasks. She was drawn to Bloom Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy, especially in light of the impact of climate change. She hopes to make a difference and have a positive impact through her work at Bloom Energy. Over the past year, Aysha has worked in different start-up companies, expanding her marketing knowledge and skills across different industries. In her free time, Aysha enjoys reading a good book, drawing, and listening to podcasts by her favorite influencers.

Henry Suarez

Henry is a junior studying computer science at The City College of New York. He is thrilled to be interning with Bloom Energy as an IT Automation Intern. Henry has had a strong interest in sustainability since high school when he initially planned to enter the aviation industry, but changed course after learning about the industry’s impact on the environment. He is excited to apply his computer science skills towards advancing the field of sustainability. Currently, Henry is interning part-time at a startup to further develop his skills. When he’s not studying or working, Henry enjoys practicing Portuguese and improving his cooking skills. He is also a passionate soccer fan and enjoys photography and all genres of music.

Kazi Ahmed

Kazi is a Junior at The City College of New York, majoring in Economics. He will be interning with Bloom Energy’s Finance team this summer. Kazi is passionate about renewable energy and promoting sustainable energy solutions. He previously worked as a Financial Services intern for the Major League Baseball Players Association. Kazi is a Dean’s list scholar and a soccer fan, supporting Real Madrid. He enjoys traveling and plans to work in consulting for a large firm in NYC.

Laiba Leisse

Laiba is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at The City College of New York. She’s excited to be interning with Bloom Energy as a Mechanical Engineer this summer. Growing up in the Bronx, she maintained her family’s garden and saw neighbors install renewable energy technology in homes for a low-cost lifestyle. Her curiosity about the longevity of the current state of power generation inspired her to study innovative forms of clean energy that reduce power emissions. Laiba is highly interested in implementing sustainable energy in city infrastructures to produce affordable, environmentally friendly products that improve the quality of life for generations to come. Besides her career aspirations, Laiba enjoys creating art, playing video games, and is a succulent enthusiast.

Lhakpa Sherpa

Lhakpa Sherpa (She/her) is a Junior at The City College of New York majoring in Psychology. She will be interning with Bloom Energy as a Human Resources Intern, working closely with business partners to manage HR functions. As a climate change activist from a third world country, she understands the significance of reliable and sustainable energy for everyone. She hopes to gain knowledge on electric power infrastructures like hydrogen electrolyzers to make impactful changes in decarbonization that are both clean and equitable. Lhakpa is a member of the S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future leaders, the secretary of the Psychology Club, and a Student Success Guide. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering and participating in community service clubs.

Nyi Zin

Nyi Zin is a Junior at CUNY City College of New York majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is excited to be interning at Bloom Energy as their electrical engineering intern. Nyi’s interest in sustainability and the environment was instilled by his mentors who taught him that ingenuity can bring forth sustainability. He believes that engineers have the power to combat environmental challenges, but only by working together can we solve the climate crisis. Nyi is committed to reducing his carbon footprint by shopping second-hand at thrift stores and using his bike for transportation during the summer. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, being outdoors, and trying new foods. Nyi is a highly adaptable and attentive individual, ready to immerse himself in the engineering experience.

Ondrea Kanwhen

Ondrea Kanwhen (she/her) is an electrical engineering student at The City College of New York with a passion for providing affordable and resilient energy resources to underserved communities. With a BS in international Business and Languages from the University of Tulsa and an MBA from London Business School, she brings a wealth of experience to her research at the Smart Grid Interdependencies Lab. Her current focus is on incorporating resiliency and energy efficiency in the Food Energy Water nexus, specifically through the Community Energy Cells project in Harlem. Ondrea has published works on electrifying food distribution fleets and implementing distributed energy resources for wastewater treatment plants. This summer, she will be working on the Product Management team at Bloom Energy, analyzing customer energy needs and determining the best products to meet those needs. As a Colin Powell Fellow at CCNY, she is committed to pursuing policy changes that promote energy equity. In her free time, Ondrea enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking.

Steven Fernandez

Steven Fernandez is a SEEK student pursuing a degree in Economics with a concentration in finance and analytics at the The City College of New York. He was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the city. Steven is interning with Bloom Energy Corporation in the accounting department during the summer of 2023. His interest in sustainability began in high school, inspiring him to partake in climate change clubs and environmental initiatives. He hopes to use his knowledge and skills to provide corporations and communities better quality of life through innovative products that provide resilient, sustainable, and predictable energy. Currently, Steven is a strategic program development intern at Catholic Charities, working within the Alianza Dominicana division. He plans to leverage his experience at Bloom Energy to help corporations and individuals in the finance industry make good and ethical decisions that promote equity, equality, and growth.

Nymul Islam

Nymul (He/him) is a Junior at CUNY City College, pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Psychology. As a Supply Chain intern at Bloom Energy, he will ensure the smooth flow of supplies and products. Nymul’s passion for sustainability began with his fascination with solar energy as a child and his personal experiences with the effects of climate change in Bangladesh. Before the pandemic, he volunteered for various environmental community service events and plans to do so again. Nymul’s goal is to leverage his experience in data analysis to help companies optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint. He co-founded a financial literacy club at City College and enjoys being a New York sports fan and a movie and food critic.

Jannatul Ferdous

Jannatul Ferdous is a motivated mechanical engineering junior with a passion for solving real-world problems through practical experience. Her work as a Building-Retuning Intern at the Building Department Lab has honed her skills in building diagnostics and energy efficiency, including analyzing building energy use data and making recommendations to improve performance. As a Bloom Energy Fellow, Jannatul is excited to take her engineering skills to the next level as an Industrial Engineering Intern. She will gain hands-on experience in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, business, and data analytics while working with a leading fuel cell manufacturer. Jannatul’s ultimate goal is to work in the renewable energy field, and this fellowship is a significant step towards achieving that. She looks forward to working with a talented cohort of peers and gaining new insights and perspectives on the industry.