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Kencess Polidor
    Kencess Polidor

    Spring 2023 Intern

    I am a rising senior at the Colin Powell School majoring in Psychology and minoring in Management and Administration. As a People Operations intern, I was provided an immersive exposure to the dynamic field of Human Resources, which not only broadened my perspective but also cemented my career aspirations in this domain. I had the opportunity to learn about making informed policy decisions, screening resumes, establishing a question bank for hiring managers to access when processing interviews, conducting a salary market research and many more. Participating in this internship has been a transformative experience for me, and I'm deeply grateful to the individuals and foundations whose support made it possible.

    Steven Fernandez
      Steven Fernandez

      Spring 2023 Intern

      The Colin Powell internship stipend is a truly unique resource that completely changed the course of my life. My internship strengthened my communication and program management skills, and gave me the confidence to apply for the Bloom Energy Fellowship. I was accepted!

      Shraddha Parmar
        Shraddha Parmar

        Spring 2023

        I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this internship, as it allowed me to engage in something I am truly passionate about. More importantly, I embarked on this journey because of my genuine desire to be a part of it. As something my grandfather always said 'do something if you 'want" to do it and not because if you "have" to do it . My time at Tadaca has been nothing short of exceptional, both professionally and personally enriching. This internship has been an amazing experience that offers the ideal balance of passion, mentoring, creativity, and a supportive team environment. This experience has been genuinely transformational and satisfying; it will influence my future pursuits.

        The Colin Powell Career Fellows Paid Internships Program

        Defining the college experience is the opportunity to attend interesting and rewarding courses, participate in invigorating extracurricular activities, and expand your network, but you don’t have to stop there. Beyond the college campus is a plethora of professional development opportunities that will propel your career into new heights, so seize the moment! Colin Powell School students are eligible for a bank of 300 Paid Internship Hours (@$18/hour = $5,400), which can be completed at any time for up to a year after you graduate. Access your bank by creating a resume with one of our Coaches, and learn by doing while getting paid!

        *PLEASE NOTE: Internships are accessible year-round; however, internships with a start date between June 1 to December 31 will be paid while internships with a start date between January 1 to May 31 will be unpaid.


        • Be a Colin Powell School undergraduate major
        • Have at least 30+ total credits
        • Attend an Internship Orientation


        • Must not have participated in a Colin Powell School  or S Jay Levy  fellowship
          • The Career Fellows program is designed with the intention to give students who have never had an internship before, or an equivalent professional experience, the opportunity to gain experiences which will enable them to pursue even more rigorous and rewarding opportunities
        • No previous experience required
        • No age, transfer student, or status restrictions (DACA and international students are welcome!)


        • Earn a reference for future internship, fellowship, and job opportunities

        Prospective Applicants

        Applying for an internship is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

        • Step One


        • Step Two


        • Step Three


        All students interested in applying to the internships program MUST attend an Orientation. Orientations will give students a birds eye view of the application and internship process. There is no RSVP for Orientations, but attendance will be taken.

        Program Guidelines:

        • The internship schedule is set by the student and the site and can start and end at any time; it is not tied to the school calendar. If your internship starts between June 1st to December 31st, you can do any number of internships using the 300-hour bank (for example, you can do one 300-hour internship, two 150-hour internships, etc). Internships are paid via a stipend of $18/hour in two lump sums, at midpoint and at the end. If your internship starts between January 1 to May 31, your internship will be unpaid. Any student in an internship is warmly invited to meet 1:1 with the Internships Program Associate or a Career Coach to share their internship experience and ask questions.
        • At the middle of your internship, you must do three things:
          • Complete a midpoint survey before your midpoint check-in
          • Meet with a Career Coach in-person for a minute midpoint check-in -- these meetings can be 10 - 15 minutes or as long as you like; please plan accordingly as we do not want you to rush from this meeting to a class
          • Collect your first check at the midpoint check-in
        • At the end of your internship, students must complete an endpoint survey and attend an Internship Closeout session.
        • The goal is that these internship experiences help you gain clarity on your career interests and choices, and confidence to apply to more internships, fellowships, and other experiential learning opportunities so that you are “career-ready” at graduation or, if you are a recent alum, will help build the bridge from college to career.
        • We believe that Colin Powell School students, who hold the unique combination of deeply lived urban experience and academic training are a vital element to building a strong democracy. Prepare yourself to build the world you want to live in!

        Build a resume that lets you shine, write a cover letter or statement of interest that shares your strengths, and complete mock interviews to feel confident.

        For 1:1 help, set up a time to meet with one of our Coaches whose information is to the right of the page.

        Resume Resources

        Cover letter Resources

        Interview Resources

        Review internship options in the public service database, select up to three you are interested in, and complete a brief Internship Interest form. 

        Career Hub Staff will review your application to make sure it highlights you in the best way possible. If anything needs a little strengthening, you will receive a referral to a Coach to work on your materials. If your materials are ready, you will be connected directly to the site contact by email.

        Also, if you have received an offer letter for an unpaid internship, it may qualify for the stipend. Under these circumstances, you will be considered a Got it? Get it! Applicant. Please fill out the Paid Internships Program Stipend Request Form and click the box asking if you have Got it? Get it! Applicant.

        Finding internships: you should also speak with your professor and department chair to learn about options available to you in your major, and review the internships in the Career & Professional Development Institute database.

        Program Contact

        In an internship and looking for support?
        Got an offer for an unpaid internship or one that is paid less than $18/hour? Meet with me!

        Internships Program Associate

        Ivy Allotey (she/her)

        Not sure where to start? Need help brushing up your resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, or interview prep? Then set up an appointment with me or find me in the office for support!

        About Me: I’m currently a junior pursuing a BA/MA degree in Economics with a minor in Psychology so I know what it feels like to be lost when it comes to resumes, cover letters, and interviews, so please feel free to ask for help!

        Languages: Proficient in English and Bengali

        Career Coach

        Arifa Begum

        First time building a resume?
        Preparing for an interview?
        Meet with me and unlock the mysteries!

        Languages: Proficient in English and Bengali (Bangla); Basic comprehension in
        Hindi and Urdu

        Career Coach

        Abir Ahmed (he/his)

        Internships to Look Out For

          Climate Clock
          Climate Clock

          Social Media Intern

          The Climate Clock is working to achieve a rapid, just transition to a safe climate future by supporting grassroots movements that are pushing leaders to accelerate progress on bold, systemic solutions. Together, we are mobilizing the world to #ActInTime. As our Social Media Intern you will work together with the Director of Communications and the Content Lead to help shape our online presence, engage with our online community, and help amplify the voices of grassroots activists fighting for climate justice. Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

            Office of Council Member Julie Won

            Constituent Services Intern

            The Office of Council Member Julie Won (District 26, Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Long Island City) is looking for interns for various assignments during the summer months. With a commitment to students from all backgrounds, there is diversity and a progressive approach to empowering students with the necessary tools that can relate to both their educational background and to what they learn in a professional environment. Internship Duties involve a variety of tasks and projects. These tasks include, but are not limited to, researching and preparing material for various database projects, tracking data, scheduling meetings and arranging meeting space, answering telephones, making photocopies, managing records and electronic communications, creating documents and presentations. This internship also provides the opportunity to develop basic constituent services skills, such as case management, organizing, and outreach. Through this role, interns learn community needs, are embedded into the community, and can see how constituent services can provide an insight into legislation. Training and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:  - Case Management - providing assistance, responding to inquiries, and working with government agencies to resolve problems for constituents.  - Organizing – attending community events, canvassing residents, community centers, and small businesses. - And more Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

              Creative Connections
              Creative Connections

              SEL Intervention Program Support Intern

              The SEL Program position has two of four goals: 1) Provide consistent staff training and capacity-building for trauma-informed, restorative, and healing-centered practices. Staff will learn to identify and address trauma-based reactions in students. 2) Ensuring student access to mental health supports. Program staff will partner closely with school social workers and guidance counselors to help them identify students in need of services and assist in making community-based mental health referrals. To learn about the remaining two goals and more about the position, please visit the public service database!

                PHICOR — Research Assistant
                PHICOR — Research Assistant

                Research Assistant

                Since 2007, the PHICOR (Public Health Informatics, Computational, and Operations Research) team has been developing systems approaches, models, and tools to better understand a range of health and healthcare-related issues. We are seeking motivated and enthusiastic students who are interested in public health to join our research team. You will work closely with the research team to contribute to various aspects of different research projects, including literature searches, data gathering, computational model development and analysis, and manuscript preparation. Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

                  Urbanworld Foundation
                  Urbanworld Foundation

                  Several Positions

                  Interns will initially start by assisting the Communications Coordinator (along with other Festival staff members) with various administrative duties and assorted relevant projects. Such duties may include: database entry, email correspondence and management,, film and film-related industry research. Duties and responsibilities will greatly increase as the 2024 Festival approaches. All interns are encouraged to participate in person during the 2024 Urbanworld Film Festival. This festival is slated to run from November 6-10th. Students interested in film, tv, innovation, new technologies in media, storytelling, and event planning are strongly encouraged to apply! Learn more about this internship in the public service database!

                    The Brotherhood Sister Sol
                    The Brotherhood Sister Sol

                    Facilitator in Training

                    For more than 25 years, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis) has been at the forefront of justice — racial, economic, educational, environmental, criminal and gender. Through unconditional love, around-the-clock support and wraparound programming, we make space for Black and Latinx young people to examine their roots, define their stories and awaken their agency. The 2024 Summer Leadership Facilitator in Training Program (SLP- FIT) is a 7-week program, which includes 5 days of workforce training prior to the 6 weeks of direct service working with youth. Training will take place June 17th, 18th , 24th, 25th, and 26th from 11-4p. SLP will run from 1 July - 9 August at The Brotherhood Sister Sol in which members engage in a summer of arts, activism, and transformation! Facilitators-in-Training are alumni and young adults 18-24 who will supervise program spaces, lead cohorts, open sessions, and trips. All alumni are invited to apply as long as they have no other summer obligations during program dates.

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